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Services & Programs 


Therapy can help:

  • Increase awareness of who you are and what you want

  • Understand your triggers, reactions, and patterns

  • Help you communicate your needs & create boundaries

  • Cultivate a strong sense of self worth and resilience

  • Find fulfillment in your life and surrounding relationships

  • Manage anxiety, stress, and negative thinking/beliefs 

  • Develop healthier and stronger relationships 


Areas of concentration include:

  • Anxiety Reduction 

  • Adjustment and Transition

  • Communication and Conflict

  • Sports Counseling

  • Sports Psychology Interventions

  • Career Counseling

  • Relationships and Dating

  • Positive Psychology

  • Daring Greatly ™ and Rising Strong ™ by Brenè Brown

  • And whatever is keeping you from thriving

Individual counseling:

  • Engage in one on one counseling sessions. Each session is just under an hour and will be conducted via telehealth.

Group Counseling:

  • The work of Brenè Brown and curriculum designed around the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong ™ will be featured in 8 week group counseling sessions.


Coaching can help:

  • Cultivate self-confidence, identify core values and get closer to living your authentic self

  • Areas of concentration include:

  • Personality and Behavioral Assessments: 

       Myers Briggs Type Indicator

       Predictive Index

       Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

  • Career Coaching Packages

  • Young Professional Leadership Development


  • Yield Theory (Connect and understand ourselves and others; based on the work of Dr. Christian Conte)

  • Authentic Leadership (Based on the work of Brenè Brown)

  • Understanding Team Dynamics with the MBTI

  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence 

  • Becoming Resilient

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